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Impact Report 2016 – 2017

Human Trafficking Prevention and Intervention (Minors)


ICV provides a Day Program for at-risk girls ages 14 to 17. Our Day Program includes education, job training, rehabilitation, counseling and wrap-around care in a safe haven environment at our offices.


ICV’s Prevention Program has an 85% retention rate among enrolled students.  We have successfully served 19 girls. Six girls graduated from our program in 2017 and are now successfully receiving our Transitional Services on an ongoing basis.


The girls enrolled in our program receive a stipend to help support their needs, increase retention rates, and build job-readiness.

ICV is a satellite school site through Inspire Charter Schools providing continuing education.

Our Family Case Management prevents vulnerability in youth by helping their families create reliable living conditions and healthy lifestyles. We assist them with acquiring basic provisions, shelter, crisis management, trauma-informed care, medical and mental health care, education, job assistance, transportation, and other services.

Our Transition Program assists girls graduating from our program and transitioning into community life. We provide ongoing self development guidance as well as outplacement academic and career support.

Gang Intervention


ICV provides a peace keeping presence in the community through gang violence reduction, assessing gang threat levels, and preventing gang conflict and recruitment.


ICV achieved a 43% reduction in violence and murders in the Florence-Firestone area parks, and a notable reduction in crime and violence in local schools and in the community as a whole.

At a local high school student suspension penalties for violence were reduced from 29 suspensions in 2012-2013 to zero in the 2016-2017 school year.

Our safe haven site has been crime free, violence free, and incident free of any direct threats from gangs, and is respected and honored in the community.


VIOLENCE REDUCTION: ICV provides a peace keeping presence for violence reduction at local schools, parks and in the community as a whole.

RUMOR CONTROL: ICV counteracts or dispels rumors that would otherwise incite gang violence or retaliation.

SAFE ZONES: We create safe zones in the community for youth to enjoy gang-free recreation.

SAFE PASSAGE: We prevent predatory crimes and violence against students going to and from school.

SAFE HAVEN: We provide a safe haven at our offices for at-risk and exploited youth and families to get immediate help without fearing gang disruptions.

Transitional Age Foster Youth (TAY)


ICV directly engages young adults ages 18 to 24 who are at risk of human trafficking or who are trafficking survivors.  We provide early and intense intervention as well as family reunification, when appropriate.


ICV’s TAY Program has successfully served 24 young women.


ICV helps young adults create stability. Our Service Plan helps clients set and achieve goals in the areas of family, wellness, housing, education, employment, budgeting, and other life skills.

We connect clients with long-term housing options that cater to the needs of young adults.

ICV’s Community Linkages program helps clients connect with other community resources.

We also address medical and mental health needs through a strategic partnership with a local medical clinic. Trauma-informed care, medical evaluations, drug tests and STD tests are all available to help meet needs.

ICV also provides Family Case Management to families of TAY clients.

Human Trafficking


THE RECRUITMENT PIPELINE: The breakdown of households, low parental involvement, and lack of protection and supervision leave youth open to recruitment and exploitation. Generational poverty, homelessness, dysfunction, addiction and abuse not only make youth vulnerable, but the need for money makes risky behavior an option when it otherwise would not be. Exploiters and victims are all desensitized to abuse and violence.

SOLUTIONS: ICV provides solutions to their ever-evolving hardships by empowering vulnerable youth and TAY with education, job readiness, and resources for mental, physical, and spiritual support.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: ICV has assisted in 28 human trafficking rescues.


ICV’s Trauma-Informed Care treats the whole person, taking into consideration past trauma, coping mechanisms (including addictions and predisposition to violence), understanding the root causes and providing solutions and redirection.

ICV provides public awareness about human trafficking through relationship building and outreach to the community and local schools.

We provide a variety of human trafficking training programs for local schools, community members, shelters, law enforcement, and community workers.

ICV’s Emergency Response Program provides immediate assistance, crisis intervention, trauma-informed care to human trafficking victims and connects them with shelter, resources and professional services.

ICV builds collaborative relationships with local anti-trafficking entities and service providers in Los Angeles.